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Light Up Your Kitchen With Style!

Stenskivor Sweden Marble and Granite Stone Countertops

Proper lighting is undeniably one of the most important aspects of kitchen design. Every kitchen should be equipped with lighting that would provide a safe working environment. We should make it a point to as much as possible to make use of whatever natural light that’s available to us. There would be instances however where the sunlight wouldn’t have that much use due to weather conditions as well as location issues.

In cases such as these, artificial lighting is the answer. We could use a variety of light sources in a lot of creative and efficient ways. The main idea is getting enough light in certain areas of the kitchen where it is needed most. Lighting could be installed in three different modes.

• Task Lighting – Is probably the most important lighting mode of all because it has something to do with safety when preparing food. Task lighting in…

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How To Install Tile Floors In A Bathroom

Step 1: Prepare the Tiles

Tiles are cut after they have been measured. The sheet tile used for this particular project has rubber dots on the back (Image 1). They hold the place of the tiles in the sheet. The tiles cut away from the sheet easily with a razor knife.

tiles cut away from sheet easily with razor

Step 2: Cut the Tiles

Straight tile cuts for the walls and 90-degree angles are done by placing the tile on the cutting table, sliding the table forward, placing the steel tape measure lightly against the blade. Line it up with the tile so you know you have the exact cut you want (Image 1). If you’re doing a bunch of tiles at once what you’ll need to use is a rip-fence. Place it against the tiles, tighten it down, put on your safety glasses, turn on the saw and cut (Image 2).

Tip: With porcelain tile, you’ll want to go slow when cutting because they can easily break and chip. To get perfect diagonal cuts, use a speed square and go even slower than before because of the sharp edges that can be brittle (Images 1 and 2).

Step 3: Cut the Felt

Before you begin the thinset process, be sure to cut the felt from the top of the tub with a razor knife. Clean the backer board with a damp sponge.

Step 4: Prepare and Apply the Thinset

Mix the thinset according to manufacturer’s specifications with the 1/2″ drill motor and the rod-type mixer paddle at less than 600 rpm. Apply the thinset with the flat end of the trowel to key in the mortar on the backer board, and then use the notched side to create a uniform thickness.

Tip: Only lay as much thinset as you can tile in 15 minutes. If the thinset skims over, the tile won’t stick to it. Use your finger as the judge. If the thinset sticks to your finger, it will stick to the tile.

apply thinset with flat end of  trowel

Step 5: Lay the Sheet Tile

Start with the lower courses along the edge of the tub (Image 1). Lay the tile on the thinset following the pencil lines. Make sure there’s no excess lippage on the laid tiles. Tap the beating block that covers the tiles lightly with a rubber mallet to ensure a good bond to the thinset.

Warning: Be careful not to put too much pressure on your mallet or you could crack the tile.

To keep the sheets of tile straight, be sure to use a level and 1/8″ spacers along the way.

Note: The numbers on the tile represent the color shading difference of the tiles. You can simply wipe the numbers off later when the job is completed.

tap beating block on tiles lightly with mallet

Step 6: Install the Insert Tile

After the wall area is finished, decide where you want the insert tile to go. Then, cut out the necessary tiles and install the insert tile and surrounding tile pieces by back buttering them and setting them into place (Image 1).

set the insert tile

Step 7: Cut the Tile Sheet

To make the tile fit around the tub faucet hole, you’ll need to cut the tile sheet to go around the hole. Cut the tile tabs with a razor knife, then for a closer fit, cut slits in the tile with the wet saw and trim the edges off with tile nippers and place around the faucet hole (Image 1). For the corners, be sure to use bull nose tile, which has rounded corners for an attractive line and finished look.

cut slits in tile with wet saw

Step 8: Frame the Panel

To bring the access panel on the side of the tub up to code, frame the panel with backer board, and tape the joints with alkali-resistant tape and thinset the joint.

Step 9: Screw in the Panel

Screw in the access panel and snap it shut (Image 1). Tile the backer board on the side of the tub.

attaching access panel

These instructions are brought to you from our friends at the  DIY Network. We have enjoyed collaborating with them on shows such as “I Hate My Kitchen” and look forward to working with them again in the future.